A Suggestion on Evangelism

On Good Friday I was in Tulsa and I was observing my Uncle do some serious work on my horse (the civic). And a Pastor of a Local Congregation was walking door to door inviting people to their Churches Easter programming. He handed me a door knocker and moved on. I was really disappointed, he did not want to talk to us nor get our names or anything.

This really bugged me. I wanted to be authentically asked to come to his church. As a Pastor I wanted to hear his sells pitch so to speak. I coach a soccer U8 soccer team and I have a Pentecostal preachers kid on my team and she has authentically invited me to church on a few occasions. She even knows I am a Pastor and still ask me.

I guess what I am getting at is if you are going to canvas the areas around your church, hand out flyers or any other way of inviting people to your congregation at least be authentic about it.  Let those you are attempting to reach out to know why coming to your church is important to you. Cold handouts will not do it.








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