Another Response to the UMC Protocol

On Jan.3rd there was a Protocol statement that was released in regards to the United Methodist Churches General Conference in May 2020. 

You can read that statement here:

Since then a lot of people have had some sort of response. A few responses that I would encourage you to check out.  

Hacking Christianity

Foundry UMC

UMC Next


The Oklahoma UMC Bishop 

There are countless others. The ones I share with you are the few that I have read. This weekend I needed to be with a family who said goodbye to a loved one. Sunday’s at Church are always all-consuming. Then Monday worked on an epiphany staff party. Now I can throw a hat into the ring. 

  1. This is just a proposal nothing is set in stone. We must wait until the General Conference for anything. Waiting sucks. But only General Conference can speak for the General Church. 
  2. Last year taught me to take these kinds of things in stride. I will be praying about what direction I need to go and I need to lead the great people of Tahlequah UMC. 
  3. There will be splintering within the UMC after this General Conference. What that looks like I do not know. After last year’s special called General Conference I find it healthier for me not to be consumed by the what if’s, but to preach the word, love the people and serve the sacrament. 
  4. I am committed to Doing all the good I can, Doing No Harm, and Staying in Love with God. These are the General Rules of the Methodist Church found in our current Book of Discipline. 
  5. My all means all. All are welcomed to worship, fellowship, study and serve with us at Tahlequah UMC. 
  6. I am committed to resisting the Traditional Book of Discipline as it stands now. I feel it violates Paragraph 140 of our call to Inclusiveness in the Book of Discipline, the General Rules and of how Jesus showed us how to live. 
  7. We have our work cut out for us in making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of self and of the world. So, let’s go and do this with love. 

Peace be with you,







One response to “Another Response to the UMC Protocol”

  1. David Avatar

    What about doing no harm to traditionalists? Why do you think only LGBT have the claim on being harmed in all of this?


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