Dad Update & Another First Reflection. 

This is one my favorite pictures of them. They both shared a birthday day. Today Mom would have been 57 and Dad turns 68. 

What makes this one harder was that last night we took dad to Senior Senerity at Freeman East in Joplin. They provid help with depression for older adults. Dad has been consumed with depression. I am glad he wanted to go here. This is a good thing to help him. But I am sad that I can’t take my kids to see him. The facility does not allow children under 12. 

He is still battling pneumonia and will go and see the Heart Doctor on Tuesday to make sure everything on that end is ok. 

So we are in a holding pattern. Praying for healing and clarity to make the best decision on dad’s physical and mental health. This first is a lot harder to handle. I know in the end it will be all ok. With God’s help we as a family will make it through this valley together. 

Peace be your way, 







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