Getting Into Position

This Sunday @fumclgok we will concluding our Sermon Series Listen, Praying in a Noisy World. The sermon title is: Getting Into Position. Rueben Job offers up this gem of a quote.

How do we position ourselves today to receive God’s love, presence, power and grace? Faithful Christians of every nation, culture, and age have found that one can become present to God and receive the gifts of God who is always present to us.

Are you in the right position to receive God?  By being around sports and music most of my life. I have learned that when you are in the right position things go better but when we find ourselves out of position is when Chaos occurs. A good way to ask yourself are you in the right position with God is ask yourself that great question. “How is it with your soul?”  How do you get back into position if you find yourself out of position?? Well you will have to show up on Sunday morning to find out. See you Sunday.

Worship at First United Methodist Church of Locust Grove begins at 10:45 a.m.








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