And the Dance Carries On…


This picture was from the last time I danced at the Sac and Fox Powwow. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It was taken in 2012. We did not dance in 2013 because Laura had just broken her arm and we were in no place to dance. In 2014 I was surviving the Typhoon Glinda and the GYPCLA event in the Philippines. In 2015 we did not dance because we had just lost my Grandfather the man to my left in the picture. This year we won’t dance because we lost my Mother.

Going to the Powwow will be rough. This is one of those events that is so special for me. Many memories have been made at the Powwow. We must carry on this tradition it is apart of who I am and I want the girls to have an opportunity to experience their culture.

Next year, I hope to be able to dance, I have the blessing of inheriting my grandfather’s regalia. I plan on using what I can of his and what I can of mine to honor him and my mother. Both of them made my regalia.

And the dance carries on….









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