Yesterday’s Rethink Churches 2016 Lenten Photo A Day Practice word was Power. I had a gut feeling to clear my schedule and go up to be with my mother.  When I got to the care facility I snapped this picture.


There was the power of presence. Watching my father who has hardly left my mother’s side since moving in to Quaker Hill be faithful in his marriage covenant till death do they part.

Then there was this picture.  Watching dad use his flip phone is just funny to me. I don’t know why I find it funny I just do.

The last picture of the day from my visit was this one.  When we started this journey I found one way for me to remember these moments was to take a picture of me or someone holding mom’s hand. I know right now she can’t talk any more. She can barely breath or open her eyes but I know she knows that I am her with her.

There was a spell when we thought we might lose her. That power was gut wrenching. I know that in the next few days I won’t be holding her hand anymore. This is a rough pill to swallow. We have been on this journey for a while now. I don’t want her to suffer anymore.

When I cuddled up next to her I hummed some of her favorite hymns and every now and then she would hum back. There was power in that moment.

When I said good bye. I gave her the best hug I could. It is hard to fully embrace her like i would like to because of the ostomy bag. There was power in that hug.

As I was driving home what seemed like a blur. I could feel the power of the people praying for us. It made the trip home a little easier though I am finding it harder and harder to leave her. Yesterday was extremely powerful.

Thank you Lord for that day.






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