Where we are with Mom.

About a month a ago I wrote a blog post to shed light on where we are in the journey with my mom. You can find that post here…  and  here…

Here is where we are to date.

Since getting Mom back to Quaker Hill we have been walking a path of what is going to happen today.

Some days have been great. She has been responsive tries to talk but it is hard for her to get words out. Though time to time she musters out she loves us and other times it is random muttered stuff.

Some days she squirrels away her shake in her cheeks like some of the grandkids have done and it was something she hated. We chuckle because we know how much she hated it when the kids did it.

Somedays a numb. Meaning that she will sleep for 18+ hours and not really responsive.

Somedays are just bad.

She still shows everyone who comes and visits that grace she always showed.  We know that it is inching closer and closer to the end. So we wait, visit, and pray. Pray that she rest in peace.

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