Ask questions…

While walking with my family with the current situation with my mother the biggest thing I have learned from this experience is to ask questions. I wish I would have known that the first go around when we had her in Miami in the end of December.  Ask why are they not doing somethings that you think they need to be doing.

Before Mom moved to Quaker Hill I felt the need to bombard the social worker with a lot of questions and she was awesome at answering or directing me where I needed to look. This was a great feeling even though all my questions were not answered I felt a lot better then the first go around not asking questions.

How often in life do we ask questions? Or do we let things go where they may go. In the last 4 weeks I have really stepped up my questions asking. I have found it very helpful. When in doubt, question, that is good for the soul. Sometimes you will find an answer and sometimes you won’t but you will never know until you ask.






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