Mom Update 1.9.16

Life is sometimes filled with joy and sometimes sadness. These emotions ebb and flow throughout our lives. Sometimes we can have both. Right now I have both. I am dealing with the sadness that cancer has come back to my mother’s body.

In sadness we as a family agreed to honor my mother’s wishes not presume treatment of the cancer. We will help with her quality of life and she will be living with a colostomy bag (they hope to get this done sometime this upcoming week) as she will be making the transition from this life till the next.

However I have joy that she is still here and though her memory is not what it used to be. We will make mom’s final chapter of her life a joyful one because that is what she wants.

Thank you for all the prayers. Please keep praying…

Peace MF






One response to “Mom Update 1.9.16”

  1. pa8ntersarah Avatar

    Praying with you my friend! Hugs Sarah Heath


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