Advent Shenanigans

Last year I helped lead some advent shenanigans. At McFarlin UMC we put together some backpacks full of gear for those who are without and then we had a Christmas Eve service at a local shelter. This year my advent shenanigans again has two parts.

1. I have a list of about 62 children in the Locust Grove Elementary School who need a new coat.

2. The McFarlin UMC Coat Pantry needs used clean coats, and since they did such a great job painting @fumclgok church that we can help them out by bringing your coat up to @fumclgok and I will make sure that we get them down to McFarlin to help them meet their needs.

I am hoping to meet goal number one by December 14th. Goal Number two has until December 25th when we go down to OKC for Family Christmas.

If you want to help in this shenanigan please contact me and we can do a great thing for the kingdom.




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