A #GYPCLA Reflection

I will start with prayer.

May you see what you see through different eyes

Hear what you hear with different ears.

May you taste what you never tasted before,

and go further than yourself.

–A Maasai Prayer


Maybe you saw this article: United Methodist Young People Urge Denomination to Promote Unity:http://t.co/sB6vCKZ1vu which this pic https://flic.kr/p/orcr5c is from those who helped put the document together. 

Then there were these updates from GBOD all can be found here:http://wp.me/pbf2F-IP

I have hope that the UMC will be the church that God has called it to be. I have hope that we can come together instead of being separated like the world wants us to be. It will take work and a lot of prayer but I am reminded of this quote.

You aren’t strongest when alone; you’re strongest when together.

–Leonard Sweet

The event overall was great. I enjoyed getting to know people who call themselves United Methodist from all over the world. We survived typhoon Glinda  had to move the convention due to damage to the place we where staying. Things were are bit crazy and sleep happened wherever and whenever we could get it.

After much thinking and praying I must say that the legislative part could have been held better. Discussing issues from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. outside was a bit on the crazy side. Also with the issues of human sexuality we needed more time to have fruitful and healthy discussion. Those issues seemed rushed or held up due to legislative procedure.  The typhoon forced the legislative assembly event to be crammed into one day. I understand that, but with the tough issues of human sexuality we could have used more time. After the 4 votes that took place on the issue I feel that the issue is torn between the United States and the Central Conferences.We cannot know the actual break down but it would be intriguing to see what the break down of votes would be.

The issue of Human sexuality is a tough one to talk about. I am glad we took up the issue and were willing to have some discourse on the issue. The conversation of human sexuality will be an on going conversation. We must be willing to talk about it, to holy conference about the issue not bog it down in Robert’s Rules or unwillingness to listen to the other side.

After all the dust from the assembly started to settle a group gathered and produced this document  United Methodist Young People Urge Denomination to Promote Unity:http://t.co/sB6vCKZ1vu  When this happened I gained a hope that the Church is going to be all right with the youth and young adults. They are willing to talk and work out issues. Let’s just hope in 2016 we can gather a get some work done this time. No more General Conference 2012’s.

I am still reflecting and will be for some time. I left with hope for the future and tons of new friendships.

And so i pray..

You can watch all the events here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/50260754









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