Another Chapter to come to a close

The world is full of offers. You can be offered free shipping at Amazon when you order a certain set price of products. At Chipotle you can be offered  a side of guacamole with an extra cost added of course. Life is full of offers, and some offers are harder to refuse. I go for guacamole every time I am offered it at Chipotle, I love guacamole and it is hard to refuse. Just like ordering at Amazon I try to fill more order for the free shipping.

I have been offered and accepted to become the next senior pastor at Locust Grove United Methodist Church in Locust Grove, Ok. This was a tough decision. But in the end the offer was too good to refuse. It puts me an hour away from my parents. 45 min. away from my grandparents. 20 min from one of my 3 sisters. I will be living in the heart of my family. Both known kin and some that I did not know we are related. Did you know I am related to this guy:

I know that I have only been at McFarlin for a year. Which made the decision of leaving very tough.The feelings are indeed mixed. We have had such a fruitful year and have planted some good seeds for future harvesting. My last Sunday at McFarlin will be June 1st. 

I am asking for prayers. Prayers for McFarlin as they go through the changes they are going through, prayers for Locust Grove as they make the transitions, prayers for my family and I as we once again pack and move.









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