Practice, Practice, Practice!


The Super Bowl is this sunday. It is something that those men have been working toward their whole lives. They did not get there by just showing up. Sure they have talent but it took many hours of film watching, studying, practicing over and over again how to block, read a defense and making sure they have the correct technique to execute the correct play to allow them to win the game. Growing up in sports centered home i heard on several occasions: 

How you practice is how you play. 


I think the same idea can play into worship. When you lead worship either as a liturgist, preacher or musician please practice your part. I have seen it in a lot of churches liturgist unprepared, musicians not in sync with worship and preachers a bit clueless on where they need to stand when they do a baptism. I have to admit earlier in my ministry I had not practiced like i should have (sorry George).

In my new appointment i have taking to making sure that I know my part and I practice, practice practice until I know I have it down where it will honor God. Another reason why I practice is that i have dyslexia and reading cold can be and most of the time is a train wreck (something i did not know when i first started out in ministry.)  When i was in Calumet and Red Rock i was at the church an hour before anyone else gets there and walk thorough my part in the service. At McFarlin if i am not preaching, I try to find out what my part is and practice it until i have it down. 

If you have a part to play in worship don’t just show up. Every Sunday is our Superbowl where we need to give our best to God. If we read with energy and passion people will become engaged. If we read, play, sing or preach flat, your congregation won’t be inspired to connect with God. 








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