Bible In 90 Days My Take

Today I concluded my journey with Bible in 90 days. I listened to it using this audio bible. I really enjoyed this journey. It had its challenges with the move to McFarlin and then camps and other events that occurred made it rough to keep up.  But I kept pressing on and I reached the goal.

The biggest take away for me was the book of Nehemiah. I fell in love with it. If you remember I preached on it in June. It was fun to work on but I departed the book all too quickly and left something’s unattended. I will revisit this book later in the year.

It was also fun to revisit the Gospels reading each in one sitting, reminded me how much I love the Gospel of Mark and how Jesus seems to keep moving in that Gospel. Then there is reading through the Book of Revelation though it is not my favorite book of the Bible.  I was reminded of the book What Does Revelation Reveal? Unlocking the Mystery  that I used in a study just recently and it gave me comfort as I was reading about the crazy things in Revelation.

To my Pastor friends that are considering doing this I would encourage you to do it.  I know for me it has been life giving and it allowed me to say yes I have read through the Bible in a year. I know many people in the congregation that I serve are enjoying it even though there is struggles and some finished early and some will take longer than the 90 days but as a Pastor I have enjoyed talking to people as they have made their journeys. It has been a fun journey but now to press on.







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