A Brazilian Trip: On Hold

The Trip has been placed on Hold…







On November 7th I will depart on a Oklahoma United Methodist Volunteer in Mission scouting trip to Brazil. The youtube clip i have for you is the people we will be working with. The video is in Portuguese so unless you speak it it will be hard to understand but what they do is not to hard to understand.

I am excited to go, and want to have a little of fun with this experience. On November 4th  i want you to wear one of these (http://www.customink.com/designs/brazil12/adh0-000r-ycse/twt) For $20.00 you can help the Calumet United Methodist Church youth group (I have already raised the funds needed to go on the trip so i want to help out our youth group.) and you can have a shirt to wear on Sunday Nov. 4th. As well as something to hold our group in prayer as we embark on this journey.

If you want to buy a t-shirt you can send a check to

Calumet United Methodist Church

PO BOX 208 Calumet, OK 73014

and put in the MEMO: Brazil T-shirt and let me know your size. I will be ordering t-shirts on Friday October 12th.

You can fill out this form to let me know. http://tinyurl.com/8jfs6mj






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