Next Sermon Series: Reunion: How Can We Reconnect With God?

In Calumet people are running around getting ready for this years Reunion. Having just missed my ten year high school reunion, and it’s been years since I  have been to a family reunion, I have been thinking a lot about the word reunion  lately. When we reunion we reconnect with something, either a school that we attended years ago  or we reconnect with family. In life we have reunions.  Perhaps we need to reunion with God. Perhaps some of you out there are lost and in need of reconnecting with God.

For the next four weeks we will focus on how can we reconnect with God.  The ways we can reconnect with God are reconnecting with God through Communion. In the second week I will talk about how we can also reconnect with God by being Bold. Then in week three we can reconnect with God through serving, in the last week we will talk about how we can reconnect with God by calling on Jesus.

So come and reconnect with us.

Calumet UMC Worships at 10:00

Red Rock UMC worships at 11:00





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