Her Call

I love my wife and I love tacos. –Rob Bell

Perhaps one of my favorite quotes on love. It is a good view into our soul on how we use the word love. In one hand we have love that is forgiving, kind, patient, caring, sacrificing, the love for my wife Ashley embodies these words at points in our journey together.
Then in the other hand we have one of my favorite foods a taco.
So yes i do love my wife and i try to do my best for her and as i am working on my last year of provision i have been praying a little more, writing is one of those things that stress me more than preaching and in prayer today it came to me to nurture to Ashley’s call a little more than normal.
I have known for a long time and have told her that she has a call for ministry and our lives together have allowed that call to be nurtured and be played out.
Through further prayer and discernment she has made the decision to work towards certification in Christian Education in the UMC. I am so proud of her she is answering her call. So her journey begins she submitted her application to OCU and we will walk together as she journeys down this path that i know and others know that God has called her to.
Ashley I am so proud of you.






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