Offering Something New….

I have been planning for fall programming for the Churches that i serve. One of the things I have been kicking around is offering a basic MS Office course. I want to be able to share my understanding of computers to generations that are not as familiar with office products, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. I will also offer a Net Smart class which will explore best practices for on-line surfing.

When I approached a few in the Red Rock Church they ate up the idea. I have also asked a few at the Calumet church and they liked the idea as well. I will have the Fall Broucher out by the end of July. Would love to hear what else i should include in this class. It will be 6 weeks. 

Week One: Hello Technology: An Introduction To Technology

Week Two: Word Up! (MS Word) 

Week Three: Excel to the Power of technology.  (Excel & Powerpoint)

Week Four: Smart Phone? (Talking about cell technology.) 

Week Five: There are Pirates on the Internet! (Best Internet Practices) 

Week Six: What did we just do? (A recap and Q&A session)






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