Time for the Keys

I remember a time when I had to ask for keys to the truck so I could go places I needed to go. When we are at that age it’s all we look forward to is getting the keys to the car so we can  go where we need to go. I know that when my girls reach that age I will be reluctant to hand them over the keys. It is a great privileged to get to drive. But there comes a time when we have to let go of the keys and let the young people drive the car.

That is how I feel about the church at this time. I am not a lifelong United Methodist; I am not even a lifelong Christian. Ever since I heard God calling me by name to come home. It seems to me that all I hear is we love having young people. As I have journeyed on my path and answered my call toward ordained ministry, I feel like I am 16 again asking my parents to give me the keys so I can drive to where I need to go.  It will be okay.  I may get a few dings in the car but you know what, I know your teenage car stories and look you turned out ok.

So I am asking the UMC to let us young people in, let us have the keys don’t just give us a key chain, let us drive. It will be ok. I am tired of being asked to drive but never given the chance.






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