Hope abounds.

On March 9th i announced to the world (via twitter and facebook) that my mother and been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I was blessed to hear how many people shared comments of hope and of encouragement. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a month since we found out. Mom has started her meds. She is doing better but there is still issues. Things will never be the same for her. It will be a new normal. Since March 9th i have been able to see her at least three times. (They live four hours away) They came down for Laura’s birthday. We also were coming home form the mission trip and we stopped in Miami to eat at the Ku-Ku. They also came down for Easter which was really fun to spend time with them as they watched the girls entertain them.

The hard part is that i know it will never be the same. But my hope is that through this chapter in our lives we will be able to have the best time we can. We made it through the Cancer and Heart issue chapter fine, i know that with our faith in Christ we as a family we can enjoy this chapter as best as we can.

Keep us in your prayers as we venture in this chapter.







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