Enjoy The Small Victories

Sitting in the airport waiting on my flight to Las Vegas for the Relevance Lead Conference and doing what for me is fun to do. People watch. While watching people shuffle in and out of the air port terminal. It is almost liturgical. I am waiting on Sonic to open, i am craving a breakfast burritto and a cherry dr. pepper and this thought came into mind.

Enjoy the Small Victories!

All too often we seek the homerun in everything we do that we forget the small little victories that we gain. This last wednesday night i had planned a movie night with a little discussion and then my adult study was going to be 1 hour Methodist Crash Course. Well nothing that I had planned or worked on came to reality.

The movie got postponed because a high school basketball playoff dinner too precedents over church. I forgot that we did not have childcare for women’s group and half my adult study was out sick or needed to do course work to get caught up from being sick. But you know non of this bothered me.

We still had about 12 mid-high youth show up and we played kick ball and had a game of Bible Trivia. Though i am sore from the kickball today. I know i had fun. Calling off Bible study allowed me to spend the evening with Laura and Emily and we had a blast. Hate to leave them but when Jesus calls, i have to answer.

But thinking about this made me realize that i need to enjoy those small victories i get more often. My big plans of may not have worked as i wanted to but the small things such as kickball, bible trivia and spending time with my girls = huge victory later on.

So as i a waiting on Sonic to open, remember that a lot of little victories = big victories for the kingdom. And that is what we are about. winning for the kingdom.

Mustard Seeds anyone?







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