The Kingdom at Work

Bring in your kingdom so that your will is done on earth as it’s done in heaven. (Matthew 6:10 CEB)

I know i am not blogging as much as some would like. I have my reasons not to blog all the time. Nevertheless I feel that I must share this now instead in my Sermon on Sunday though the two go hand and hand I want to show this great joy to everyone.

On Sunday I tweeted this:
Today #RRUMC & #CUMC bagged 5400 lbs of corn which works out to 4154 meals great job!!

For me it was the kingdom of God at work. We had 43 people show up to serve. Words can’t express the joy that i had seeing people of all ages helping at the food bank. It was awesome to see them work, the thing that struck a cord with my heart is when people were asking when are we coming back.

Job well done church. Keep serving.





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