#Li2011 A few Thoughts

Looking over my notes and Tweets from #Li2011. Here are some brief thoughts I wanted to share. 

  • I want to encourage you to take a team of people with you to help your church. You will find something your Church can use. I know that have somethings that I will be talking to both my churches about. One of those things will be to commit at least 3 people from each church to come next year.
  • “God specializes ins resurrecting dead things.” I have counted at least 3 places that i have scribbled that on my notes and i think it is something that we need to keep in mind. How can God resurrect your congregation.
  • What is your personal mission? What is your professional mission? Both something to think about.
  • Leaders honestly face shortcomings and pursue excellence.
  • Meaningful, moving, Well led worship is a must.
  • Enjoyed spending time with Brett.
  • Enjoyed the visit i made to Cross-Lines Community Outreach. They are doing good things Check them out. http://www.cross-lines.org/

Here are some tweets that I enjoyed at #Li2011

  • from me: Nothing rocks forever. Hybels #li2011
  • from MichaelCAndres: hybels 5 deathbed leadership musts: vision, get people engaged, memorable worship, pace yourself, pay attention to whispers from God #li2011
  • From revdsky: Hybels: Pace yourself for the long haul. (1 Cor 9.25) #li2011 #umclead
  • from me: Celebrate the small victories and refill the vision bucket. #li2011 
  • from me: Don’t beat the sheep. BH #li2011
  • from Rev_Melanie  “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in people.” B. Hybels #flRIM #li2011
  • from ashleealley:  Adam Hamilton “The role of a leader is to reproduce a new generation of leaders, not to lead until you die.” #li2011
  • from ssherfey#li2011 change, innovate, improve or die
  • from me: #LI2011 don’t adopt anything you learn here but adapt what you learn. Sitting in church governance workshop.
  • from amylippoldt#li2011 Adam Hamilton converted by reading the Book of Discipline. And J Wesley’s heart is strangely warmed even in the grave.
  • from steveheyduck: God specializes in resurrecting dead things. #li2011
  • from me: Good question: Why is your church special? #LI2011
I had a great time, i enjoyed all the workshops and the conversations that were before me on my trip to Kansas City. It was a lot to take in and still soaking it all in. I will be looking to take a team next year to help the Churches i serve learn something new. Thanks COR for being a good host. 





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