Romans: Day 7 (or so)

1 Brothers and sisters, I’m talking to you as people who know the Law. Don’t you know that the Law has power over someone only as long as he or she lives? (Romans 7:1-2 CEB)

It is fitting that i found this to be the verses that stuck with me this week after coming back from conference. While i understand that the Law Paul is talking was that of the Jewish Law which was the “Law” Paul knew pretty well until his Jesus experience which made him reexamine how he lived because of the “Law” which was being shaped and discussed to form new communities. Which makes me wonder how well do our Churches understand our Polity as a United Methodist Church. I tweeted during Annual Conference,

Does your church teach the social principles? #okumc  

How often do you have those discussions? How do you go about those discussions? This is something i will be thinking about for the next few weeks as i look at fall programming. Thanks for reading and listening.







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