Be positive

Growing up every summer I would go to NEO basketball camp. It was the highlight of my busy summer. Early on in my basketball development one of the thorns in my side was free-throw shooting. Coach Spencer would work with me every year and every year would remind me to focus and stay positive. Well after going to the camp for about 7 years and progressing slowly with my shooting it finally clicked and free-throws were no longer a pain in my side.
This is how I feel about topic about the church. We have a lot of work to do the church it is in need of reform. We have to remain focus and attentive to where the Holy Spirit is leading us and at all cost remain positive. Negativity will keep us back will cause more harm and will lead to death.
So brothers and sisters in Christ remain positive keep focus and attentive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and we can be better. I know it.






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