Golf Course reflection

On Monday I took some time to headed northeast to play in the Phillips Theological Seminary inaugural Spring Swing Golf Classic. It was a fun event and it was good to see people who have been apart of my journey.

There was also something i learned on the golf course.

1. You have to practice…

This was the first time i had played a full round of golf in a while. I was very rusty and boy did my game show. I missed a lot of shots i normally hit well and was very inconsistent off the tee box. This is the same with our faith if we don’t practice it often we will become very rusty and it will show.

2. Be positive…

Despite not playing as well as i know i could have. I still had a great time and remained pretty positive despite loosing a lot of golf balls, not hitting the hole in one to win the car, and missing a few fairways that i know i should hit even on a bad day. Remaining positive is at times hard but i have found that even if i can keep a positive attitude no matter what is going on it can make the season that is going on tolerable.

3. Stay Focus…
I think that one really speaks for itself. The task was ahead of me shot as well as I can despite the fact that other outside forces were pulling at me. I had a task at hand and I needed to stay focus to help my team.

These were some things that crossed my mind as I was on the course on Monday.






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