March is here!!! Congratulations to all the local basketball teams and the success that we had this past month. Last month, I traveled to Las Vegas for a conference called Relevance X. It was a great experience; we wrestled with the question on what can the Church do to be relevant in today’s world. The simple answer is just to do. We need to continue to be lead by the Holy Spirit to do the work that God places before us. Both Calumet and Red Rock have been moving along led by the Holy Spirit and it has been a fun journey. Prayers to you and your family as we enjoy the busy month of March.

Calumet UMC: Sunday School (All Ages) 9:15  Worship 10:00)

  • We have raised $20,550.00 out of the $25,000 toward our Capitol Funds Campaign. That will help improve our aged heating and air units in Faith Hall and the Sanctuary as well as getting new carpet in Sanctuary.  We are moving forward and have ordered the units and are waiting on getting quotes for the carpet by the end of the month.
  • March 27th at 6:30 will be a Family Dinner and Ad. Council. We will have a small program about what happened on the Mission Trip before we move into the business of the Church come and hear the stories, be in fellowship, and help us as we journey together as a church.

Red Rock UMC (Sunday School (All Ages) 10:00  Worship 11:00

  • We have been enjoying the Children’s leadership in worship and Acolyte training will be on March 20th after worship. The more people we have, the better it will be to train you. We will also celebrate you completing the training in Worship on March 27th.
  • The Women’s Group will meet on March 12th at 6:00, at the Red Rock UMC, come and join them for game night.
  • March 27th after Worship will be a Family Dinner and Ad. Council. We will have a small program about what happened on the Mission Trip before we move into the business of the Church come and hear the stories, be in fellowship, and help us as we journey together as a church.

Both Churches

  • Children’s Program (ages 2-5th grade): Both Churches should be proud to talk about the Children’s Program that started January 19th. It runs from 5:30-6:30 on Wednesday nights at the Calumet Church. Both Churches have been working on providing leadership to help the kids in our community to grow closer to Jesus Christ.  If you would like to help please contact: Ashley Franks or Trisha Newby.
  • The Youth Group (6th grade-12th grade) has also been rocking and rolling this month meeting on Wednesday’s. Jr. High Meets from 4:30-6:00, Dinner is From 6:00-6:20 and High School Youth meets from 6:00-7:15. We have been having a good time growing closer to Christ. If you want to help please let me know.
  • Adult Bible Study: We offer two bible studies opportunities, One-group meets Wednesday’s 12:00-1:30 at Red Rock UMC and the other group meets from 6:00-7:30 on Sunday Night’s at the Parsonage. Both groups are doing the book: The Book will be Genesis from Scratch: The Old Testament for Beginners. By Donald L. Griggs & W. Eugene March. If you would like to join talk to Pastor Matt.

  • Mission Trip: Will happen from March 13th-18th and we will be going back to serve the people of Cross-lines Community Outreach ( and the Kansas City Metro Area. Keep our trip in your prayers.
  • The Clothing Drive: The Mission Trip team will host a clothing drive that will benefit both the community of Calumet and the people of Cross-lines. We are asking for your clothes that you no longer wear anymore. However, we are asking that these clothes be of good quality.  We will send any suites or formal dresses we receive to Cross-Lines and on March 12th starting at 7:30 am we will open up the Church to allow people to come and take any of the Clothes that have been donated. All of this is free of Charge. No Funds will be asked for the Clothes. Any Clothes other than Suites and formal dresses that are left over will go to Sky-Line Urban Ministries in Oklahoma City.
  • Monthly Wednesday Night Worship: Once a month Calumet UMC will host a Wednesday Night Worship Service the dates are March 9th @ 6:30 (Ash Wednesday), April 20th @ 6:30, May 11th @ 6:30this is a different style of worship, it is more informal and laid back come and worship with us.
  • Easter Cantata April 17th @ 6:00 : If you would like to sing in the Community Easter Cantata that will be hosted by Calumet UMC on April 17th at 6:00 Talk to Tisha Evans.

  • Summer Camps: The Summer Camp Books have arrived we have a few that are in both Churches. If we run out check here for camp information: if you have any questions about summer camps please let me know.

One of my favorite praise songs performed by David Crowder, “How He Loves” goes like this.

And oh, how He loves us so,
Oh how He loves us,
How He loves us all!

Know that God loves you and wants you to share that love with all that you may meet.


Pastor Matt





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