wanna go Church!

For about two months now my oldest daughter who is two, has approached my wife or me and has told us she wants to go to Church. This makes me happy that she loves going to Church. I do know why she likes to go to Church she loves to have the fellowship of the people at the Church because she knows she gets a cookie or a doughnut. She is slowly getting more active in the Sunday school class and likes coming forward to sit with Daddy during Children’s moment. I really think she likes coming to Church. Even the other day she put on shoes, sunglasses, grabbed her purse, and said she was going to Church walked into the other room and giggled.

Well this got me thinking how often do we get this excited for Church? I know in the past year as a Pastor I have felt the same way, I have loved going to Church. No matter what my week has been like being in community with these people, sharing a doughnut chitchatting about our weeks and worshiping God as one body. I have loved being in worship lately the spirit is moving people to do things here in Calumet and Red Rock.

I came across Nehemiah 8:10b “This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” How often do we use the joy of our Lord to give us strength to go out and be the body of Christ? I want to go to Church because of the great joy that is going on in the community. Is there pain and suffering, yes but I think we are focusing more on the joy and that is giving us strength in our time of grieving. Be joyful people!







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