Change The World Reflection (RRUMC)

Red Rock felt that our Change the World Event would be a week of visitations of our shut-ins and nursing home members.  The reports that I received from the people that made the visits were very positive. Some have even offered to continue this practice. Hoping that takes shape in some way shape and form.

For our prayer stations, we prayed and supported for the following. Words of prayer and an offering of $140.00 to Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. Sticky notes of people who may need some assistance and an offering of $80.00 Calumet Ministerial Alliance. People would wrap nets around them and read information on Malaria and an offering of $80.00went to UMC Malaria No More.

One of the cool things that I witnessed as people were going through the prayer stations was the grandmother who took the net and casted it over the children and talked about how children in Africa have to sleep with these nets around them. It was awesome to see how the Children got the message and the way the grandmother then said we have to pray for 30 secs. It was very awesome.







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