Change The World Event Reflection (CUMC)

Last Saturday April 24th CUMC hosted a Change the World event. We spent the day cleaning out the Church. It was an awesome site to witness people coming together to help make the church more hospitable for all that use our space. We worked hard and when all the dust had settled from our busy day of work. The Church felt spiritually clean as well as physically clean.

Then for Sunday we setup prayer stations, one for Cross-Lines Community Outreach in Kansas City, one for the Calumet Ministerial Alliance, the last one was for Imagine No Malaria.  Since I have to leave in the middle of the service I could not see how they went, but judging from the response left over they seemed to go over pretty well.  There were love offerings taken with these prayer stations and we did the following.

Offerings were $85.00 Cross-Lines Community Outreach, $210.00 Calumet Ministerial Alliance, and $130.00 UMC Malaria No More

This weekend was very successful and the spirit was moving all around and through us. It was an awesome feeling.







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