How are you preparing?

Looking at the text this week (listed below), it is hard not to ask the question how do you prepare for this advent season? I know for me this next week is going to be hard to think about this season Advent, my mind will be focused on my last big paper in seminary my constructive essay. I am pretty psyched to get it done, i just need to sit down and let the tea and zebra cakes power me to finish this very important paper. What i am getting at here it is my goal to set aside my paper and pray at least 5 min. a day. My prayer focus during that time will be for peace (take that however you want). Despite the fact that things are going to be crazy next week, with stuff known and stuff that will come up. I still plan on preparing my self during this advent season. I encourage you to do the same thing, take time out of your hectic life and pray. Prepare your way.

Peace be with you.






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