Emily Elizabeth Birthday

11:30 am: Ashley says she needs to go in she is having strong contractions.
12:45 pm: arrive at Lakeside

2:35 pm: told she is at a 2.5 we need to go do more walking, so we hung around ashley’s mom and I went back to calumet to get more things.

8:30pm: Ashley Said the pain was more intense so we went back to Lakeside and found out that she was at 3.5

1030pm got admitted and placed in a room.
11:40pm: Ashley got stuck a lot I can’t watch lesson learned from Laura’s birth. Now just haning out.

12:32pm: getting really settled now, she is at a 5.

12:45pm: Water Broke: (we are just relaxing trying to take it real easy before all craziness happens, thus why i am on the computer.)

5:24am: So we Cat Napped through the night still no sign of Emily, although it is getting closer.

7:00am: Ashley Started to Push

7:20am: Emily Elizabeth was Born





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