Vacation 2009: Thursday

Locations: Calumet, Tulsa,

No pictures yet…. Camera got packed in wrong bag.

Woke up at 4:30 am. to write my paper, read a little bit.

Woke the Girls up about 6:45 am.

8:30Got an upgrade on our Rental, instead of a SUV we got a Mini-Van.

10:45Got on the road a little late wanted to get to Phillips in time to show Laura off to PTS this attempt failed.

2:30 Made it to class on time.

5:45 Made it to the Hotel,

6:00 Got my paper printed and turned in.

6:15 Now Back to class.

9:00 Class is over….Vacation begins!!!!!

9:01 Now what?

9:30 everyone asleep so I will read then call it a night.

10:20 Laura woke up uh oh.

10:43 Laura down Ashley down. Me down night.






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