Posting Sermons

I have been asked about posting my sermons on my blog and i have a simple answer to that. I won’t. Here is why. As you know i am dyslexic and if i posted my sermons they would appear as a jumbled mess that would be misread and i don’t want to have to deal with that. Although if you come and hear me please feel free to post on the blog the days i post the scripture i will be working from (Next Post).  How do you feel about posting sermons?


Rev. Franks






3 responses to “Posting Sermons”

  1. umjeremy Avatar

    I don’t post my sermons. But those who do, I enjoy the podcast (audio) sermons better. So, given your condition, perhaps audio sermons may be something to look into!

    I’ll send my spies down I-40 when I get to OK.


  2. vintagefranks Avatar

    I have been thinking about audio sermons and will be working getting that in place. Perhaps at the first of the year.


  3. flatlandsfriar Avatar

    I’m ambivalent.


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