What if?

Last night my friend and I went to watch the College National Championship softball game here in OKC. I thought this would be a fun and good idea to support an event that was in my hometown. Well little did I know that I would be pretty much bored out of my mind. I like watching softball and have been to many exciting games. Nevertheless, this one seemed to drag on and on and I would attribute that to the time it takes the pitcher to throw the ball. It seemed that every pitch would take at least a minute to pitch if not longer. I feel the same way for some of the baseball games I have attended lately.

I want to propose that a 30-second pitching clock be instituted. It could start as soon as the ball touches the pitchers glove. I know this would change the pace of the game and have a new sense of strategy to the game. I know this is not the tradition and I love the game, as it is however, I think this change could shape the game in a new direction.  I know there would be some kinks to work out if this system was adopted. So let me know what you think.


Rev. Franks





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