Lenten Reflection #2

As much as i wanted to write at least every other day on what i am experiencing this Lenten season i have found myself in places that have put writing not a priority. What i have found is that in this season of Lent i have been very focused on seeing where God is in places i would not normally look. One such place that has surfaced is the basketball court. It has not been watching the countless hours that have been on TV which i did at the first of last week when i was sick with a chest infection. My experience with basketball has been actually playing, which i have done Saturday, then again yesterday. When you play pick up basketball there is a sense of fellowship that is unique. One moment your teammates the next game you might be playing against that person.  Which then you have to figure out how you are going to play against them since they more than likely know your moves. 

I love basketball, i really like to play. I know i am not the best but on the court it feels like my faith journey. Some days i am on fire and can’t miss a shot. Some days i struggle to make a 2ft basket. On the days that i struggle i keep pushing to shoot to make a basket because you never know when you don’t have much to support the team might be enough to help your team win. Such could be the same with your faith journey. Some days you just won’t have it, but don’t let that stop you from being the light of Christ. Even a small light makes a difference.   





To learn how to pick a tourney bracket go here: http://tinyurl.com/af7upr







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