Getting Sick on Break Sucks

Today i had plans, big plans. Ok my plans were take Laura to her one year appointment. Take her to Grandma’s and sit at Starbucks grade papers and work on my papers that are due when break closes. Well the congested sickness hit me and has hit me good. I was able to take Laura to the Dr. and drop her off at grandma’s, as for setting up at Starbucks that did not happen. I came home and popped in a movie to watch for class. Which was helpful i took notes to write my response paper. Then i crashed. I have been in and out of sleepiness since noon. I hate getting sick on break. I will make a Dr. Appointment for tomorrow so i can get meds to feel better? So now i am going back to sleep, or perhaps to watch another movie. Hope all is well with you. Grace and Peace.





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