Vacation 2009: Monday

Woke up at 7:00 am drove all the way home.

Got to the parsonage at about 3:00 and shed tears as my yard looks like a jungle.

Had a good trip and very happy to be home. Minus the whole yard thing.

Vacation 2009: Sunday

Getting ready for Brunch: A the Cresent Moon Hotel it is a cool Hotel, i am sure next time we come here we will stay there.

Brunch was awesome, really good food.

After Brunch we went to see the massive Jesus outside of town.

Then we moved on to get ready for the rest of the day.

We had a pre wedding dinner and pictures then off to the Chapel.

It was pretty, although it felt like we were being run in and run out, i think they had 7 weddings there that day. It was a nice ceremony and it was nice to talk to people whom i have only heard about.

We then came home and started packing as we will head back to Calumet on Monday. It has been fun but i want to go home.  Heading to bed.

Vacation 2009: Saturday

Laura slept through the night!!!

Got up, hung around the Sherwood Cottages for a bit, then headed out to War Eagle Mill, which was awesome and the beans and Corn Bread was the greatest.

Then we came back to Sherwood Cottages for naps and went to Bubba’s Bar B Q, great dinner.

Then off to a desert reception which we had to bail due to Laura needing shower and bedtime.

Watching U of A football and about to crash. Having a good day.