John Dominic Crossan on NPR

I know this is an older recording, but this is JDC talking about Paul & his book on Paul entitled. In Search of Paul: How Jesus’ Apostle Opposed Rome’s Empire with God’s Kingdom by John Dominic Crossan& Jonathan L. Reed

What was I thinking?

You know when you are in class and you get to pick when you do projects where do you normally go? I prefer the middle because I get a good sense of things and I know how much I really need to do. Well this semester since baby will be here in about 36 days. I needed to have as much done before baby gets here so the end of my semester I will not be changing diapers with one hand and trying to read Plato’s symposium and figuring out who the stock characters are. I hope I do not get poop on my book. Therefore, in my Meals class I signed up for the earliest project and was assigned one project. What was I thinking they are both due next week and I am stuck on both of them! But, oh well the end will justify my means? Now I am off to try to restart my post-colonialism reading to come up with stuff to discuss in class next week. Then move on to Plato’s Symposium and figure out the stock characters. Then there is the other reading that I need to do for Ethics. Hope all is well in your world. May the peace of the Creator touch your life today.