Important Anncoument No. 2

In case you have not seen the Tweets or the Facebook Status Updates. I had a great  and uplifting experience with the BoOM in the Oklahoma Conference and i am as Aaron Tiger has coined it a Reverend Elect. I am looking forward to Conference this year and to my first appointment.

Spring ’09 Schedule: 2 Semesters Remain!!!

4 weekends in Norman

Religion and Politics  taught by Dr. Joe Bessler


The Art and Practices of Ministry  taught by Dr. Nancy Claire Pittman 


Reformation Theologies  taught by Dr. Anne Joh

Integrating the Theory & Practice of Ministry  taught by Dr. John Thomas Jr.

Fall Semester preview:

I figured since football has a big football preview I would preview my fall semester.

Educational Dimensions of Ministry on Tuesday’s from 2:30-5:15

This looks to be an interesting class for me since one of my passions is education. I don’t think the church is doing all that it can in regards to education. I hope to work more on my teaching style that will go a long way as I am always looking to be a better teacher.

Leadership in Ministry: 4 Wednesday’s throughout the semester 6:00-9:00

This is another installment of my Supervised Ministry component. It should be a good class that will build off of, Theological Reflections that I took this summer.

Pastoral Response to Suicide: October 27-31st: 8:00am-4:45pm

I am looking forward to this class as this has been an issue for me to deal with in the past and I would like to be equipped with tools that will help me when I face this situation as a Pastor. I hate to say when but I know realistically that I know some time in my future ministry will deal with this issue and I would like to feel like I have spent some time working through the issue.

The Christian Ethics of Reinhold Niebuhr and H. Richard Niebuhr: 4 Weekends throughout the semester.

I had enjoyed reading H. Richard Niebuhr for Ethics class and I needed an advance Theology so I figured this would be a good fit for me.

So there you have it My Fall Semester preview. Only 3 more semesters to go!!!!