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  • Quote for the moment 7.29.15

    “Community is all about participation it’s about creating big open, welcoming spaces that invite and even demand participation from everyone who shows up.” –Doug Pagitt in Animate: Practices

  • The Humble Walk

    In The New Interpreter’s Bible: One Volume Commentary Carol Dempsey wrote on Micah: “The humble walk with God will reveal what needs to be done by the way of justice and lovingkindness.” Chew on this in light of all the justice talk that is going on.

  • Quote for the Moment

    We don’t all get the same feelings out of our faith. We don’t all get the same ideas out of it. We don’t all get the same standard of living out of it. But we all get the same God, who takes us seriously, forgives us absolutely, loves us eternally — and supplies everything we…