Collect #3

God of peace,

We are broken,



We are searching for you,

Help us O’ Lord,

For it seems that no one is faithful.

Come and give us peace,

Restore us,

Make us anew.

Bring Hope to the dark places.

God of Peace,


We are ready for you.


Collect #2

Hope-giving Lord

To you Lord,

We look for the path you have laid for us

We seek your guidance to make our paths straight.


Lead us, O’Lord

Lead us in this Advent season

To focus on you, Nothing else.

Come Hope giving Lord


Collect #1

Peaceful Lord,

To you

our minds shift

are wants are yours

and we keep nothing from you.

Send your Spirit

To cleans us

From what keeps us away from you.

That in this Advent season

We may hold on to the hope,

That You will come and be with us.

It is to You Peaceful Lord we pray.