My Lenten Practice: Tell People about Imagine No Malaria

I know it’s early but… My Lenten practice will be to tell people about Imagine No Malaria in all the ways i can, to all the people i can.

Watch this video.

Pray for this vision of Imagine No Malaria to happen.

To my churches, be prepared, i want to raise 100 nets by the end of lent.You know $10.00 buys a net, you know if you saved a $0.25 a day during lent you could buy a net. Could you imagine the impact to this organization if we did that.  Right now the youth have 12 raised.

You can give on Sunday’s during church or if you want to give online?  click on this link.

I am praying that we meet and exceed this goal, if you give and you don’t attend my churches please let me know so I can keep track of how many nets we raised during Lent.

So help me get to this goal of 100.