Emily Elizabeth Birthday

11:30 am: Ashley says she needs to go in she is having strong contractions.
12:45 pm: arrive at Lakeside

2:35 pm: told she is at a 2.5 we need to go do more walking, so we hung around ashley’s mom and I went back to calumet to get more things.

8:30pm: Ashley Said the pain was more intense so we went back to Lakeside and found out that she was at 3.5 Continue reading “Emily Elizabeth Birthday”

Important Announcement No.1

This is a 3 part series on Important Announcements in my life. Part One was to be about my experience with the BOM on March 30th. Part Two was to be about my first appointment and to be honest with you that was all i had planned. But then God smiled at Ashley and me and wanted to add another wrinkle to the plan. I would like to announce that we will be expecting our 2nd Child in the fall.  This is a great joy for our family and we are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. So until we know what the future Franks will be, I have resorted to calling it No. 2. Me being the Scrubs fan that i am, i have included the clip from Scrubs where JD and a patient exchange No. 1 & No.2’s I found it fitting.