Learning to live with Dyslexia


Ever since I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the first of this year, it has made Seminary not so frustrating as it always was for me. I now know that me not getting what is on paper is because of my learning disability and not because I just do not get it. This has opened a completely new dialog with me and my professors, as I feel a lot more comfortable about talking about our reading or an assignment if I do not get it. I am writing this to give hope to those who are like me and have dyslexia that learning can happen. You have to just be persistent and ask questions when it is not clicking. It has helped me so much in this past year to be able to know why it was I was struggling in classes.  The interesting thing about my story is that I almost have my Masters and it went unattended to that long. Thanks Kay for taking time to notice that something was not right. If you have, questions about dyslexia check this web site to get information about the learning disorder. http://www.ihavedyslexia.co.uk/  

Peace be with you. 






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