The Collect: Introduction to the Pracitce


One of my goals of this blog is to help provide resoucres for worship. So as i was thinking about how i am going to do this i stumbled upon the idea of writting Collects. If you don’t know what a collect is here below this post is the United Methodist take on the idea of what a Collect is. I am going to start by writting Collects for Advent and then i wil assesss on how i will contune this practice after Advent is over. I will post them on Wednesday of each week.  Peace. 


The collect, an ancient pattern of prayer, is short and to the point, yet has a rich content. Not only are many collects included in this and other collections of prayers, but persons who learn to pray in this form can quickly and easily compose appropriate prayers for all kinds of occasions. These are the elements of a collect, as illustrated by the traditional Collect for Purity and a contemporary version of it: 


1) Address to God  

2) God’s attribute or acts on which this prayer is based

3) The petition itself

4) Intended result of the petition

5) Final doxology   (from the UMBOW 446)





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