Fall Semester preview:

I figured since football has a big football preview I would preview my fall semester.

Educational Dimensions of Ministry on Tuesday’s from 2:30-5:15

This looks to be an interesting class for me since one of my passions is education. I don’t think the church is doing all that it can in regards to education. I hope to work more on my teaching style that will go a long way as I am always looking to be a better teacher.

Leadership in Ministry: 4 Wednesday’s throughout the semester 6:00-9:00

This is another installment of my Supervised Ministry component. It should be a good class that will build off of, Theological Reflections that I took this summer.

Pastoral Response to Suicide: October 27-31st: 8:00am-4:45pm

I am looking forward to this class as this has been an issue for me to deal with in the past and I would like to be equipped with tools that will help me when I face this situation as a Pastor. I hate to say when but I know realistically that I know some time in my future ministry will deal with this issue and I would like to feel like I have spent some time working through the issue.

The Christian Ethics of Reinhold Niebuhr and H. Richard Niebuhr: 4 Weekends throughout the semester.

I had enjoyed reading H. Richard Niebuhr for Ethics class and I needed an advance Theology so I figured this would be a good fit for me.

So there you have it My Fall Semester preview. Only 3 more semesters to go!!!!






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