A couple of Sites


Digsby the all in one messenger that you should get. For about two weeks now I have been using Digsby. It is a messenger that allows me to log into facebook chat, keep up with my facebook and myspace accounts. Then the big bonus is that I can log into all my messenger accounts. This is all in one place, which for me is simple and neat. It has also cut my internet usage in about half since I have all the stuff I normally look at in one application. If you are looking for an all in one messenger this one is for you. I used to be a trillin user and this goes beyond what trillin offers.


For those of you that are golfers this site is for you. It keeps track of everything you need and if you have a phone that can do it you can even update your scores as you play. I would encourage you to check this one out if you are a golfer.






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