Things on the Brain

Sofa come Home

we had to send our sofa to the doctor for it had a broken board in it. I think he may have been true when Laura was jumping on the sofa after daddy’s come-from-behind victory in college football 2009. This is hardly the case although it could be an a true reality is that Laura only weighs 13 pounds. So for her to break the board means that it was going to need to be replaced anyway. We do not know how the board broke. It just did. Therefore, we sent it away. We should have it back by next Monday until then we have camping chairs.

My Paul paper

I had until August 8 to write my paper on Paul. Most of you have asked how is it coming and all I can tell you is that I’m still at the research level, which is a good technical term for. I really still do not know what going to write, but I have idea. My hope is to write it by July 31.

My sermon at Chapel Hill Live

It went well, I enjoyed preaching at the service. I also came to the realization that there is a true art to preaching in when you do not do it often. Your art becomes very rusty as I felt very rusty preaching at CHL. I was able to knock the rust off and remember my call to preach. As I love to preach as a painter loves to paint. I just need to do it more often, and no, I will not post my written sermon. But in the future I will find a way to either podcasts or videocast. My sermons are best understood through experience that reading them

The Dark Knight

Go see it, darn good movie.






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