Things on the Brain

Thing One: Text Messaging No-No’s

In the last couple of months, I have received text messages that I would deem not cool in my book. These text messages have been news that has dealt with the passing away of a love one. This is not cool in my book. This is news that needs to be heard over the phone, better in person but I do recognize that meeting in person does may not be as easy as it could be. Text messaging: a death is not cool. When I text it is to see what is going on not to give news. So next time you think about text messaging think about the message that you are texting.

Thing Two: My sermon on Sunday

Place: Chapel Hill UMC

Service: Chapel Hill Live (11:00) in the Gym

Title: That’s a lot of seeds!

Sermon Text: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

That is all I will be posting. I write a sermon but nine times out of ten, what I write on paper is never what I really say. So all you need to know is what is up above and then come and here what comes after this. If you cannot come I am going to try to find some way to tape it.

Thing Three: Sac & Fox Powwow

This weekend marks a traditional event in my family. It’s the Annual Sac & Fox Nation Powwow. I am looking forward to it. This will be Laura’s first powwow and we are going to celebrate the life of Norman Bushyhead who passed away last Saturday night.

Thing Four: My Birthday

It was fun; I played Golf with the Berry’s. My parents came in from Miami, Jessica came over and we all played board games then went to Bethany to watch the fireworks. We positioned ourselves to see both Bethany’s and Yukon’s. It was a good easy laid back birthday.

Thing Five: In Closing

In closing, things are going, going, going, at times I find it hard to keep track at what is going on. But, somehow or another it all works out. May God be with you in your journey.



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